This is the logo for the Graphic Design Program at North Idaho College. We (the students at the time) were asked to each contribute a concept. The thing I really wanted to convey with this design was all the myriad aspects of graphic design, so I went with a modular concept that is easily rearranged and repurposed. This design was actually chosen and is now the logo for the GDES program.

GDES Logo GDES and NIC GDES GDES on a t-shirt

Wanted Barbeque Label

This was a group project. Each group came up with a name, concept, and logo together. We then each came up with our own design for the actual label. For mine, I wanted something graphic and eye-catching. I kept the earth tones so that it was still obviously a barbeque sauce, and added the pop of blue to make it stand out.

Wanted Barbeque Sauce bottle Full Wanted Barbeque Sauce Label

Jaco Purdie CD Cover

Jaco Purdie plays what he descibes as organic folk music. For this, his demo CD cover, I used an aged paper texture and oak tree to give it that earthy, folky feel. Also, I may point out, that is a lot of lyrics for a six panel booklet.

Jaco Purdie Demo CD cover Page one of the six panel CD booklet Page two of the six panel CD booklet

Communication Arts Textbook Cover

When the Communication Arts department decided to go with a different textbook, they were given the option of having custom covers printed. They asked the graphic design students to submit designs. My concept ended up being the one they went with. I went with a simple, graphic approach, featuring the lake and mountains that Coeur d'Alene (where the school is located) is famous for.

The Communication Textbook being read by a student Front and back covers of the communication textbook

Josephine Restaurant

Another school assignment, we were given the name and rough description of a restaurant and asked to design a logo and menu. It was described as a carefully eccentric cafe, so I went with bright, colorful logo, and a trendy, geometric menu.

Logo for Josephine Creperie & Bistro Brunch Menu for Josephine Bistro

Healthcare America Poster

We were asked to create a poster with the theme of "Healthcare America." After some deliberation, I decided to try to communicate the overall importance of the issue, rather than any one political viewpoint. I used the familiar symbol of the caduceus to bridge the gap between the present and the future.

Healthcare America Poster

Alcohol Prevention Poster

This poster I created for a local contest looking for posters to help prevent alcohol use among high and middle schoolers. I wanted to create something that would not only be different than a lot of the alcohol/drug prevention posters that are out there, but would appeal and be eye-catching to the intended audience. To that end, I created a (hopefully) shocking, colorful, slightly grunge image, with a large, simple message.

Alcohol Prevention Poster

8 Perfume Box Redesign

For this project, we were asked to redesign Abercrombie and Fitch's 8 brand of perfume in the style of an artist we like. I chose Aya Kato, and created an illustration for the box resembling her colorful, surreal style. I then created the various ads and miscellanea to accompany it in the same style.

Perfume box The entire perfume box design Magazine ad Folded insert

Trestle Creek Literary Magazine

The staff of Trestle Creek, North Idaho College's literary magazine, asked graphic design students to create concepts for the layout of the interior of this year's issue. I created an edgy, modern layout to complement this year's cover (by fellow design student Kristina Brown), with no extraneous elements on the already cramped 8.5"x5.5" pages. It was chosen, and is currently in first revisions.

Sample page from Trestle Creek Another sample page the table of contents

Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre

The Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre has the North Idaho College design students create the brochure for their season of shows. For the 2009 season, they used the interior design I had created, and the exterior of another student. I created a clean, retro design that was easy to navigate and matched the tone of their logo. I was also able to create several ads and other items for them.

Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre Brochure 2009 Season Interior Broadway Baritones postcard Ad for Inlander news magazine

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